3rd – 6th July

The first virtual summit focusing on Pathological Demand Avoidance brings together professionals and experts within the PDA community to deliver key-note speakers, promote awareness, provide strategies, share real life experience and signpost you to resources available, to help understand and manage PDA.

Spread over four days between 3rd to 6th July the summit will be available online for you to watch in your own home and in your own time. Videos will be available for 24 hours each day, so no matter where you are in the world, or what challenges your day brings you, we hope that you can join us. Presenting 20 key-note speakers, resources and online discussions we aim to enhance your understanding of PDA, whether you are just learning about PDA for the first time, or an ASD professional. The ENTIRE EVENT IS FREE for the duration of the summit!

There will be an opportunity to purchase the event videos and resources to access anytime to share with family, friends, educators or simply for yourself to have in your back pocket for a later date. We are super proud to announce that we will be making a donation to the PDA Society from profits raised. To thank you for joining us in the FREE summit and spreading awareness and understanding of PDA we will be announcing some exciting opportunities to purchase this for an incredible discounted price during the summit. For more information please register above and keep your eyes peeled for our emails! 

Virtual Summit Goes Live In:

The Positive PDA Virtual Summit 2020 has now taken place. If you missed out you their are options to purchase the webinars in our store.


Is This Summit For Me?

The Positive PDA Virtual Summit 2020 includes 20 speakers that have been hand selected. I have personally heard all these speakers before and found them engaging and informative. Speakers have been selected from a variety of different backgrounds, from educational psychologist to parents of PDA children, educators, trainers and consultants who have over many years developed tried and tested solutions and strategies to the common challenges faced by PDA individuals. Many of our speakers are neuro-divergent themselves, they offer valuable insights into the minds of those amazing PDA people that we love so much. 

I have aimed to create a wide variety of topics, resources and information so that whether you yourself are a professional educator, carer, diagnostician, or a parent, family member, friend or PDA individual, you should find a webinar and resources that will be useful for youWith topics covering parenting, bereavement, coping strategies, education, speech and language and SEN law, there is something for everyone.

Professional, parent or PDA individual, THIS SUMMIT IS FOR YOU!!! 

And all this is FREE!!!

So if you’re not signed up yet…. do it now!

Look Who’s Talking!

We are super excited to announce our line up of brilliant speakers below. Click on their photo or use the menu to learn more about each of our speakers and a short outline of what they will be speaking about. Here you will also find further information about their services, and links to the resources they provide, both paid and free!

We’d also love to hear your suggestions and feedback on the event, go to our contact section to let us know what’s missing that you would find useful and what you would like to see less of next time! 

All webinars will be available for 24 hours starting at 0000 UTC so you can watch at your own pace and in your own time. We will be welcoming comments on the webinars. Many of the speakers will be online throughout the weekend to answer your comments and questions. 

Friday 3rd July 2020

Jessica Matthews

Author & Independent Researcher

PDA Through A Polyvagal Lens


Educational Psychologist

Supporting Emotional Wellbeing And Managing Challenging Behaviour


SEND Consultant (Forensic)

PDA: Avoiding The Custard Pie Fight


PDA Parent Therapist

The Importance Of Resilience When Parenting PDA


PDA Consultant & Trainer

Initial PDA Advice For Teachers And Educational Assistance

Saturday 4th July 2020


Teacher & Education Consultant

PDA in the Classroom: Following the child's lead


Sensory Engagement & Inclusion Specialist

The Power Of Educating The Community


PDA Individual & Public Speaker

PDA: An Inside Perspective

Libby Hill


Energy Therapist & Parent Coach

EFT Tapping For Parents Of Children And Young People With PDA

Sunday 5th July 2020


Therapeutic Coach

The Traumatic Experiences of PDA In A Neurotypical World


Special Needs Business & Marketing Consultant

How my journey as a PDA mum has shaped the way I work with special needs entrepreneurs


SEN Solicitor

Seeking The Support Your PDA Child Is Legally Entitled To England and Wales' School Systems


PDA Parent Carer & Wayfinder

A spiritual perspective on PDA and how it can save the day!


Tutor, Trainer & Consultant

Managing And Supporting Behaviour In PDA

Monday 6th July 2020


Behaviour Therapist & Nurse Consultant

Empowering emotion regulation by understanding the functions of behaviour


SEND Consultant (Forensic)

Bereavement: Preparation During The Corona Crisis


PDA Parent

Parenting Neurotypical And PDA: From Birth To Teenager


International Education Consultant & Teacher

Mental Toughness: Practical Ways To Develop Resilience


PDA Speaker & Author

Me, Myself And PDA

With Bonus Videos From

Sally Cat

PDA Animator

An Animation On PDA And Masking



I’m passionate about spreading the awareness of Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), that’s why I began speaking at Autism Shows. Keen to raise awareness of the unique  I created the PDA Conference in Cardiff with a few of our lovely speakers. Then a pandemic came along. Postponing was enforced. But what soon became obvious was that awareness and resources were even more necessary. More needed to be made available to the MANY that were facing extra challenges lockdown brought. 

And so the Virtual SUMMIT came into being!

All of a sudden I was reaching far beyond Cardiff, with people from 44 countries across 6 continents registering! My goal to create knowledge, insight accessible to EVERYONE came to be.

Nicola Reekie – 
Positive PDA Virtual Summit Founder

After spending years seeking a diagnosis for our child and not getting anywhere, as parents we didn’t know where to go next. I was exhausted. I had been on the edge of burn out for so long. Luckily, a chance conversation led to a correct diagnosis of PDA and thankfully I had learned how to manage my own self-care and avoid a full break down. Though it wasn’t easy.

The more I talked about PDA, the more I realised there were many other parents in the same situation. Qualifying in hypnotherapy, NLP and Reiki helped me, and I knew I had to help other parents too. I developed the PDA Parenting Space, a community for parents, carers, and professionals to share their experiences, strategies, and information on Pathological Demand Avoidance. This includes supporting families with improving their understanding of children and adults with PDA as well as raising awareness between health professionals to enable speedier diagnosis. 

I am so proud of how the community has come together for the Summit and embraced the opportunity to expand our knowledge not only of PDA itself, but more importantly to share and learn how to access resources available to parents and families for living day to day and improve our mental health and well-being. 

Using simple techniques I learnt as a professional, I’ve experienced a significant difference in my own home and relationship with my child. The families I’ve worked with have also had similar experiences as we remove some of the ‘emotional blocks’ with our parenting and build emotional resilience. I look forward to connecting with you through the Summit.

Let’s Connect


The Summit In Your Back Pocket

It is so important to me that access to resources and information regarding PDA is accessible to everyone, no matter their location or resources.  That is why the Positive PDA summit is free and all webinars are available for unlimited viewing over a 24 hour period.

I appreciate at the moment life is very ‘full on’ or maybe always is, I know my life is, often juggling many plates at the same time!

As I’m a parent I know how little information is available with ease or access, whether that’s due to location, cost or childcare issues. 

You can read my story and why I created the PDA summit here. When I had my “lightbulb moment” I wanted to learn as much as possible to ‘support our son and the family as whole’. 
Being a solution focused therapist I threw myself into learning as much as I could to support our family so that it could be calmer and more supportive for both our boys. I started my journey of looking how we could change our mindsets and parenting to be more beneficial for bringing up a PDA young person.

I feel very fortunate that I was able to attend the PDA Parenting course with the PDA Society, plus many other training events to build our support as well as improve my own self care

However once back in the mayhem of our life, I forgot so much of what was covered in the training. Also wanting both myself and hubby to understand as well so we both were coming from the same direction. We were fortunate enough that the course was being run again when hubby could attend and he reminded me of bits that I’d forgotten.

It’s so tough when you are having that tough day and wished you could have all the PDA professionals with you reminding you, feeling like you have their support or simply that…

…you’re NOT ALONE!
So many times I’ve wished I could listen back to parts of the training and incredible speakers I’ve been fortunate enough to hear,  wanting so badly to remember more of the details that I remember noting were going to be so useful… but in the chaos of every day life they are gone and forgotten! 

I know I’ve listened to my fav TEDx talker, Berne Browne, more times than I’d care to admit, but when I listen to the same talk hear a gem I didn’t get the first time.
It’s inevitable, with kids and the demands of everyday life we are so busy trying to squeeze so much in… something else falls out !

This is why we are giving you the opportunity you can have all of this in your backpack to be able to access the webinars for the next year.

Keep your eyes and ears open for some great discounts and offers that will be available across the weekend of the summit! 

What’s Included

Anytime access to all of the 20 webinars as in the schedule above. Watch an unlimited number of times for one year from the date of the summit!
  • Listen again with family, friends, your child’s teacher, or your support workers. 
  • Wanted to listen to these wonderful PDA speakers but squeezing it into your day just wasn’t possible?
  • Overwhelmed when the event was on and couldn’t watch as much as you had wanted to? Watch in manageable chunks.
  • Listen again to the bits you forgot, hear the nuggets that passed you over the first time!
  • Wanted to watch the Summit but the demand became too much? We hear you. Watch when you are ready. 

The PDA Society

We fully support the work, research and resources provided by the PDA Society. We would like to thank them for their support and contribution to our event, in particular Sally Russell, Hilary Harvey and Vikki Threlfall. 

We are very excited to be making a donation from profits made by this Summit to the PDA Society so that they continue to provide information, support and training for those living and working with PDA; raise awareness; increase acceptance and empower people to take action in relation to Pathological Demand Avoidance.

Find out more about the PDA Society including a links to their extensive resources on their page here.


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