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People First Education

Andrew Whitehouse is a specialist in neurological diversity and provides interventions for professionals, parents and young people with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and related conditions. Andrew has a number of roles including training, strategies and therapies for education professionals in schools and colleges, observing learners in the learning environment and providing practical solutions to help them achieve their potential. Andrew provides short courses for Bishop Grosseteste University and the University of Lincoln and holds a number of UK and overseas contracts. Andrew delivered a TEDx Talk “From Disability to Superpowers” and has an extensive conference profile. Andrew is also a Forensic SEND Consultant and acts as an expert witness in SEND related court cases.

During the Covid 19 crisis, Andrew is continuing to carry on his work by creating the online, social media project #GetInvolved collating and publishing bespoke blog posts by a range of high profile SEND professionals, running a wide range of free SEND workshops on Instagram, written and produced 17 online modular courses for London Borough of Sutton and delivered at a number of online conferences. Closer to home, Andrew is providing a lifeline telephone service for families of children with additional needs and co-hosts Autism support group coffee mornings. Andrew offers services in training, observations, consultations and conference presentations through his company, People First Education.

Bereavement: Preparation During The Corona Crisis

Andrew delivers a 60 minute workshop on bereavement and how to talk to children in early years and foundation stages about bereavement, specifically where the specialist needs of children with autism must be considered. In the current corona virus crisis children are unfortunately surrounded by increased news of grief and bereavement. Log in to your Back Pocket to watch now.

PDA: Avoiding the great custard pie fight

Andrew delivers a second 45 minute webinar, drawing on his experience and observations from his years as a SEND educational trainer and consultant. Piecing together the different components and challenges of PDA to create a cohesive approach to avoid “The Great Custard Pie Fight”. Log in to your Back Pocket to watch now.

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