Christmas Tips

Nicola Reekie gives you her tips as a parent of PDA to help you get through the festive period.

The Demands Of Gift Giving

Christmas isn’t an easy time for adult PDAers. Nicola-Louise opens up about just one of her hidden demands throughout the festive season.

Corrina – Detective

POSITIVE PDA presents… CORRINA WOODS PDA : Learning How To Become a Detective Corrina Wood is an Independent Disability Consultant and Trainer. She has worked extensively with families for over 15 years where there are children (and adults) with Autism Spectrum Conditions, including PDA. Her work includes managing a Family Support Service, Assessing Parenting in […]

Tigger Pritchard – Spilling The T On Hidden Demands & Sensory Anxiety

POSITIVE PDA presents… TIGGER PRITCHARD Spilling the T On Hidden Demands & Sensory Anxiety: Exploring The Impact of Sensory Overwhelm If you joined us for our 2020 Virtual Summit you will already have met Tigger Pritchard, an awesomely neurodiverse consultant, trainer and PDA advocate, who delivered one of the Summit’s most popular webinars. Or, you […]

Siblings with Corrina

POSITIVE PDA presents… CORRINA WOODS PDA & Siblings: Nurturing Beneficial Relationships Corrina Wood is an Independent Disability Consultant and Trainer. She has worked extensively with families for over 15 years where there are children (and adults) with Autism Spectrum Conditions, including PDA. Her work includes managing a Family Support Service, Assessing Parenting in Autistic Parents, […]

PDA Society

THE PDA SOCIETY REGISTERED CHARITY With Sally Russell OBE The organisation was first established in 1997, in January 2016 The PDA Society became a registered charity. They provide information, support and training for those living and working with PDA and they work to raise awareness, increase acceptance and empower people to take action in relation […]

Tigger Pritchard

TIGGER PRITCHARD Advocate, Consultant & Trainer Tigger Training Hello, My name is Tigger Pritchard, awesomely neurodiverse, and an Autism and Pathological Demand Avoidance, Advocate, Consultant and Trainer. I’ve over thirty years of working alongside, learning from and advocating for neurodiverse individuals. In many different ways: support worker, advocate, teacher, facilitator, trainer, manager, lecturer and a […]

Steph Curtis

STEPH CURTIS PDA Parent Steph’s Two Girls  Steph is mum of two teenage girls; her youngest was diagnosed with autism ten years ago at the age of two. Steph started a blog that day to document the family’s experiences and has continued blogging and sharing PDA Information on social media for over ten years. Over […]

Sian Hill

SIAN HILL Early And Complex Trauma Specialist Nurturing Connection Sian Hill is a therapeutic coach, educator and aspiring author who is on a mission to change the way people think about, look at, and respond to domestic abuse, trauma and human behaviour and create a safer, more compassionate world for our children and generations to […]

Rosie Spooner

ROSIE SPOONER PDA Parent Carer and Wayfinder Wayfinding with Rosie My conscious PDA journey began in 2016 when a friend mentioned autism might be behind my daughters troubles as she neared the end of primary school. After a bit of internet rambling I stumbled upon the PDA Society website and had that lightbulb moment many […]

Nicola Reekie

NICOLA REEKIE PDA PARENT & THERAPIST PDA Parent Space I’m Nicola. A PDA Mum and co-founder of this Summit! My son has Pathological Demand Avoidance, a profile of autism that creates additional confrontation in family life.  Living with Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) can be tough. Trying to figure it all out on your own is […]

Nicola Morgan

NICOLA S MORGAN International Education Consultant, Teacher & Author NSM Training & Consultancy With over twenty years experience, I direct and run NSM Training & Consultancy which provides training courses and consultancy for schools and parents. I am also the founder and director of the National Education Show. From my experience, I have developed a […]

Michael Charles

MICHAEL CHARLES SOLICITOR, SENIOR DIRECTOR & CEO Sinclairslaw Michael is a Solicitor and Chief Executive at the firm of Sinclairslaw. He specialises in Education Law relating to children and adults, and Disability and Human Rights. Michael Charles has worked in a number of high profile children and education law cases including the successful cases such […]

Lindsay Guttridge

LINDSAY GUTTRIDGE Energy Therapist & Parent Coach Peace With PDA Lindsay Guttridge is Mum to PDAer Eliza aged 8yrs, and hosts the Facebook Group Peace With PDA – a Well-Being Facebook Community for Parents of Children & Young People with PDA. Lindsay especially loves to share a simple to learn, and easy to use self- […]

Libby Hill

LIBBY HILL CONSULTANT SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPIST Small Talk Speech & Language Therapy Libby Hill is a multi-award winning speech and language therapist who has worked with hundreds of children with PDA since she met Honey as part of the Channel 4 series, Born Naughty. She will discuss the speech, language and communication needs of […]

Julia Daunt

JULIA DAUNT PDA Advocate, Public Speaker, Blogger & Author Me, Myself & PDA I am a 37-year-old adult diagnosed with PDA, ADHD and psychotic episodes. I live in Nottinghamshire with my partner Paul and our two cats, Ferdie and Louis. I am a blogger, advocate and public speaker and I also run several Facebook PDA […]

Jude Seaward

JUDE SEAWARD Behaviour Therapist and Nurse consultant Simply Misunderstood / Fusion Therapy Hello EveryoneI’m Jude Seaward, as a behaviour therapist and learning disability nurse, I worked in the NHS for 30+ years. During this time I worked in a variety of settings with both children and adults but always with challenging behaviour. My last job […]

Joanna Grace

JOANNA GRACE Sensory Engagement and Inclusion Specialist The Sensory Projects Joanna Grace is a Sensory Engagement and Inclusion Specialist, Author, Trainer, TEDx speaker (watch “Inclusion; For Pity’s Sake?” below) and founder of The Sensory Projects. Joanna has worked supporting neurodiverse people of all ages in education and care settings and has been a foster […]

Jessica Matthews

JESSICA MATTHEWS Neurodivegent author & Independent Researcher Changing Narratives Hi, I’m Jess, a Neurodivergent Author, Independent Researcher and Parent of an amazing Autistic child who is diagnosed with the PDA profile of Autism.   I have a background in Psychology and Counselling.  After I graduated from my Psychology degree in 1999, I trained as an […]

Harry Thompson

HARRY THOMPSON PDA Individual and PUblic Speaker Aucademy My name is Harry Thompson and I am a public speaker, YouTuber, PDA Emissary & consultant, and the author of ’The PDA Paradox – The Highs and Lows of My Life on a Little-Known Part of The Autism Spectrum. PDA: An Inside Perspective Harry takes you on […]