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Clare Truman has been teaching for eleven years and specialising in autism for eight and has taught in both mainstream and special schools including an autism specific school. In January 2017, she established Spectrum Space Community Interest Company, a social enterprise and alternative education provision based in Surrey which specialised in supporting children with PDA whose anxiety made it difficult for them to attend school. Now, Clare provides training and consultancy to schools, colleges and families, advising them on the support needs of autistic young people with a particular focus on those with a demand avoidant profile. In her spare time, Clare is currently completing a PhD at the Centre for Research in Autism and Education at UCL London exploring the educational experiences of children and young people with PDA. She is also big sister to an autistic young man.

Through Spectrum Space, Clare offers training and consultancy to schools, colleges and families to support them in engaging children and young people with PDA in education. Home learning packages for children and young people with PDA are also provided.

Clare supports providers who are interested in setting up their own Spectrum Space centre.

PDA In The Classroom: Following The Child’s Lead

While children and young people with PDA can find it difficult to follow an adult’s agenda in the classroom, that this is no reason for the learning to stop. Drawing on her experience as a classroom teacher and director of an alternative learning provision, Clare explores ways in which we can follow the child or young person’s lead when supporting their learning. Includes how to design a child led curriculum, create invitations to learn and allow children and young people to develop expertise that they can share with others. This 30 minute presentation may be particularly useful for teachers and support staff in schools, and parents who home educate their children with PDA. Log in to your Back Pocket pass to watch now.

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  1. Dear Claire, I suspect that my 16 year old who has mild autism also has PDA. Help is limited. I would like to understand what options there are so that my son can stop struggling at school. Would be grateful to have a call or session with you.

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