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Corrina Wood is an Independent Disability Consultant and Trainer. She has worked extensively with families for over 15 years where there are children (and adults) with Autism Spectrum Conditions, including PDA. Her work includes managing a Family Support Service, Assessing Parenting in Autistic Parents, Parenting Courses, including being a licensed facilitator for the Cygnet Programme. Corrina has a Masters in Autism where she focused on parental stress. She has recently completed her training in ADOS2 Assessments.

As a parent, Corrina has four children with autism, one of whom has a PDA profile.

Managing & Supporting Behaviour In PDA

This 50 minute session takes a look at how we can better understand some of the behaviours seen in PDA, underlying causes and some strategies for supporting it. It will consider the importance of understanding the significance of anxiety and sensory issues, and how using a low arousal approach can help reduce the risk of escalating behaviour. This will be presented using a mix of lived experience and research to highlight key areas. Log in to your Back Pocket to watch and for additional printable material.

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Corrina's website includes further information on her training and consultancy services as well as support programmes for parents.


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