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Francesca Manca is the Founder of Underwing. As a business and marketing consultant she specialises in female founders and special needs entrepreneurs. After working in business strategy, marketing and events for the past two decades, she has multiple strings to her bow.

Based in Liverpool, Francesca works across the UK, Paris and Milano and is always open to working with new destinations. Her little black book is full of connections; if you need developers, analysts, event producers, content writers or anything in between, she has you covered.

Francesca goes out of her way to make sure your individual needs will be met and respected. With a passion for working with female-founded businesses and entrepreneurs with special needs, she is experienced in working with people from all walks of life.

Francesca works to help families and schools in Italy understand PDA better and put strategies in place.

In the UK, she helps entrepreneurs with special needs, autism and PDA, structure their business so that their needs are taken into account and they set up for success.

Through Francesca’s workshops for high school special needs students, “Shaping your future” , she helps teenagers identify possible jobs/business ventures they could be successful at, taking into consideration their additional needs, their absorbent interests and their skills.

How My Journey As A PDA Mum Has Shaped The Way I Work With Special Needs Entrepreneurs

Francesca discusses the ways that realising and learning about PDA and autism in general have shaped the way she runs her business and helped her create a company that helps people on the spectrum find a fitting job/starting a business built around their needs. This 20 minute webinar gives you access to a free 20 minute consultation for those who may want to know more about the support she can offer. 

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You can watch more from Francesca on her YouTube channel where she provides business advice for female and special needs founders.


Francesca's website is the best place to contact her directly! It contains more information about her services and includes her fabulous blog.


Keep up to date with Francesca and read about some of her amazing SEND entrepreneurs on her her Facebook page.