PDA Individual and PUblic Speaker

My name is Harry Thompson and I am a public speaker, YouTuber, PDA Emissary & consultant, and the author of ’The PDA Paradox – The Highs and Lows of My Life on a Little-Known Part of The Autism Spectrum.

PDA: An Inside Perspective

Harry takes you on an 80 minute 3D tour of his PDA mind so you can better understand your child, pupil or partner with PDA.

“For my webinar, I will be speaking about PDA from an insider’s perspective. I will take what has been written about PDA, and what has been observed (For example, I will unravel the diagnostic criteria), and provide descriptive insights into the internal phenomena; from triggers to meltdowns to fantasy & role-play to social obsessions to loss of control to impulses and just about anything else one commonly associates with PDA. My presentation will likely touch upon some difficult and hard to cope with topics that will, no doubt, hit home for many PDA families who are present. However, I will also mention the positive and more endearing sides to PDA, and explain how my condition can be a gift or a curse depending on the situation I find myself in at any given moment. My intention is always to leave the audience with more understanding of the complex and little known part of the autism spectrum that is PDA. Essentially, I aim to provide parents, teachers and whomever else that is interested a 3D tour into the PDA mind so that they can better understand their child, pupil or partner.”

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