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Changing Narratives

Hi, I’m Jess, a Neurodivergent Author, Independent Researcher and Parent of an amazing Autistic child who is diagnosed with the PDA profile of Autism.  

I have a background in Psychology and Counselling.  After I graduated from my Psychology degree in 1999, I trained as an Integrative Therapist and worked for the NHS, Relate and Action for Children.

I am now a Full Time Home Educating Mom, passionate about the importance of play, child-led and interest-based learning,  Polyvagal Theory and Parenting with unconditional love, acceptance and compassion.

I run the Facebook Page Changing The Narrative About Autism and PDA

I am currently writing a book about Polyvagal Informed Parenting and PDA, which is due to be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishing in June 2022. The book will share the parenting approach that we have organically developed through a polyvagal lens, within a neurodiversity framework and with a continually growing understanding of our son’s and each other’s needs. Our Polyvagal Informed Parenting approach has helped us to support our son to feel safer in this demanding world.

The book will provide an understanding of the autonomic nervous system, an accessible overview of Polyvagal Theory and a working understanding of how we offer, what I call the Polyvagal Informed Core Conditions (PICCs) across different aspects of our parenting.  I hope that the book will be supportive to other families who may feel as lost as we did at the beginning of this journey.

PDA Through A Polyvagal Lens

Jessica delivers a 35 minute presentation introducing how we can understand PDA Through a Polyvagal Lens. She will explore Neuroception, a brief introduction to Polyvagal Theory and how this lens shifting paradigm can help us to support our Neurodivergent children.

Jessica will also talk about their PDA journey and why she started the page Changing The Narrative About Autism and PDA.

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