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Hello Everyone
I’m Jude Seaward, as a behaviour therapist and learning disability nurse, I worked in the NHS for 30+ years. During this time I worked in a variety of settings with both children and adults but always with challenging behaviour. My last job in the NHS was setting up the Children’s team and managing it which gave me a great insight into how systems work and dealing with the strategic part of the team/management. It was during this time I achieved a masters degree in research methods which led me to wanting to expand more. 

Despite enjoying being in the NHS I left in January 2013 to set up on my own. 

I now work with families of people who are on the spectrum but are more under the diagnosis of PDA or anxiety related conditions. Since leaving the NHS I have become a reiki master, crystal therapist, aromatherapist and a life/spiritual coach and acquired certificates in a variety of areas that enhance my practice – such as mindfulness. I have found that all the behaviour approaches can be easily enhanced by what is known as holistic practices. I now work with families to help understand the child’s behaviour but also adapt parenting styles to develop new skills for the parent and the child. I now specialise in teaching people about coping with emotions, which is something that applies to not only people on the spectrum but a lot of people in society. I work under two company’s Simply Misunderstood (more the behaviour therapy and ASC) and Fusion Therapy (coaching and holistic therapies).

It is by combining approaches, I’ve developed a creative way to support and understand dealing with behaviour that is challenging. By educating the parents to be the therapist we can achieve a more natural way of developing skills that can work better than therapy sessions as it assists the child to learn in a natural way and not feel there is anything wrong or different about them. It’s a very empowering approach to parenting.

Services offered include:

  • training for parents either 1:1 or as a group to assist in understanding behaviour (variety of different courses);
  • understanding PDA workshop;
  • PDA intervention plans and training.
  • 1:1 sessions with parents to understand the child’s behaviour and how to empower the child;
  • consultations with other services to empower then to support families;
  • 1:1 sessions with children (private or via EHCP) to manage their behaviour and anxiety;
  • online courses;
  • Zoom sessions to support parents and training via Zoom.

Empowering Emotion Regulation By Understanding The Functions Of Behaviour

We will all use behaviour to meet our needs whether this is positive behaviour or behaviour that is seen to be negative. This is a natural part of life. By looking at the functions of behaviour we can see how basic building blocks can be missing, often in the realms of the emotions. By developing these building blocks in a holistic way we can empower the child and family to being the best version of themselves. 

This 70 minute webinar explains what a function of a behaviour is, how this can indicate issues around the emotions and some simple adjustments that can be made to support the emotions; explores how holistic therapies can assist in developing emotional regulation; and how often people do the right thing but at the wrong time. Additional printable materials included. 

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