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Libby Hill is a multi-award winning speech and language therapist who has worked with hundreds of children with PDA since she met Honey as part of the Channel 4 series, Born Naughty. She will discuss the speech, language and communication needs of children and young people with PDA and how they can be best helped with this aspect.

You can watch one of Libby’s appearances on Born Naughty below.

Libby works within the PDA community to conduct assessment and therapy for children and young people with PDA, EHCP and Tribunal support, Training on PDA for parents and staff.

PDA & Selective Mutism

Not all children and young people develop selective mutism but for those who do, it can be a complete nightmare. For a Speech and language therapist it’s the ultimate double whammy! Parents worry and school staff feel lost. Everyone wants to know what to do but could they be making the situation worse?

Libby explores this in her 40 minute webinar which looks at how we can understand the combination of difficulties better to help the situation at home and school. 

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More information about Libby and her speech and language services can be found on her brilliant website here.


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