Michael is a Solicitor and Chief Executive at the firm of Sinclairslaw. He specialises in Education Law relating to children and adults, and Disability and Human Rights.

Michael Charles has worked in a number of high profile children and education law cases including the successful cases such as S -v- YP School that established the burden of proof required in child exclusion cases, and important cases that have defined the meaning of “suitable education” in school transport and home tuition. He has defended schools, both independent and maintained in a range of matters from re-organisation to registration. He has succeeded in some of the most important cases concerning post 16 learning which has set the law in this field. He has also worked in some of the most important SEN cases including X -v- Caerphilly County Council (acknowledging the importance of Occupational and speech therapy being regarded as educational needs).

He is a member of The Education Law Association, and frequently lectures around the United Kingdom in relation to special educational needs and the Law. Mike Charles has frequently appeared on BBC Breakfast news commenting on a number of high profile headline stories involving Education and Disability Law. Introduced as one of the UK’s leading education and disability law solicitors, he regularly gives interviews on national radio including Radio 5 live, and BBC Radio Wales. He has also frequently appeared on the BBC News Channel. He campaigns to improve the lives of those with learning and other disabilities with his comments often making headline news.

Client comments have included “without doubt one of the best education lawyers in the country.”

Michael is a parent of two children.

Michael is currently petitioning the UK Government to consider to extend the statutory age limit for SEN provision given CoVid19. This asks for an amendment to the children and families act to permit an extension of the age from 25 to 26 for entitlement to special educational provision in light of the Covid19 pandemic. Vital time is being lost by so many vulnerable young people whereby the teaching of vital skills is restricted.

Seeking The Support Your PDA Child Is Legally Entitled To England And Wales’ School Systems

Michael delivers a clear and succinct video on navigating the legal system in England and Wales to ensure that the legal educational needs of a PDA child are met.

As Pathological Demand Avoidance is not yet considered a legally diagnosable condition in England and Wales, Michael discusses the difficulties parents can face when trying to find the support they need for their PDA children to access education. Michael discusses the needs that can these children require and how these challenges can be overcome by schools.

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