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I’m Nicola. A PDA Mum and co-founder of this Summit!

My son has Pathological Demand Avoidance, a profile of autism that creates additional confrontation in family life. 

Living with Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) can be tough. Trying to figure it all out on your own is tougher. If you need help learning how to manage daily issues, understand how positive parenting can make a huge difference and some support to include your own self care, then you are in the right place.

Parenting isn’t easy. There will be further unique challenges as a PDA parent. There is a lot to learn. 

I’ve gone from being an emotional wreck to healing myself, being my own client!

The years spent trying to get a diagnosis wore my whole family down.

  • As a mum I always put everyone else first.
  • As a parent I felt it was my responsibility to make everyone around me feel better.
  • My emotional bucket was overflowing.
  • I was constantly anxious.
  • I felt ignored and helpless.
  • I just wanted someone to support us with what we actually needed, not what they thought we needed.

Whether you already have a diagnosis or are trying to raise awareness that PDA is impacting your family and should be explored, there is always something new to learn and it’s best done with support from like-minded people around you.

I remember the days before I started my own journey of self-discovery. I felt alone and isolated. I can’t even tell you how many emails and phone call I made for someone to recognise the needs my son had. We needed a correct diagnosis.

I believe no one should feel stuck trying to figure out how to do this their own. I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years. You need a community and support system to help you along the way. I know you can find your own space; you just need someone to help you learn how to make it happen.

I know in my heart that this is why I qualified as a Hypnotherapist, a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and a Reiki Practitioner so I could, in turn, help people just like you. I’m passionate about using solution focused therapies to help families. I know from personal experience that when parenting a child with different needs, often our situations don’t change. What we can do, is work on our emotional wellbeing and the overwhelm that challenges us every day.

Watch Nicola speak at The Autism Directory below.

I teach simple techniques to self soothe and manage wellbeing so you can have a toolbox of tips to look after your wellbeing, manage the daily stresses and shift past those blocks holding you back from caring for you.

Traditional parenting tactics don’t apply here. My aim is to teach you how to be soft with yourself, be loved, be held. Letting go of the tightness and anger, releasing emotional tenseness and rebuilding your family with joy and happiness for everyone close to you.

This has had a huge impact on my own parenting skills. I feel more present with my son. I feel stronger as a parent. The ripples started slowly as I put into practise the skills and techniques based on my own heart centred being. But now, I can see what a huge difference this has made on behaviour and emotional well-being for all of us.

This is why I created the membership sanctuary. To support other families with PDA and share the power of positive parenting.

The Importance Of Resilience When Parenting PDA

As a solution focused therapist Nicola supports parents to empty their overflowing emotional buckets by using hypnotherapy, EMDR, neuro linguistic coaching as well as Theta healing, uniquely combined to create individually tailored sessions.

In this 60 minute webinar Nicola introduces some of these techniques and talks about how you can join her community to begin your journey to self care so that you can be your strongest, calmest and most resilient self to bring calm to your child and family.

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