With Sally Russell OBE

The organisation was first established in 1997, in January 2016 The PDA Society became a registered charity. They provide information, support and training for those living and working with PDA and they work to raise awareness, increase acceptance and empower people to take action in relation to PDA.

The PDA Society provide information, support and training for people living with PDA. This includes: 

  • supporting discussions around people’s experiences of living and working with PDA;
  • providing support to those living and working with PDA;
  • campaigning for greater recognition of the PDA profile of autism;
  • providing training for different audiences
    Sharing good practice and supportive ideas;
  • developing new resources and tools which can aid understanding
    Collaborating with professionals as part of the PDA Development Group;
  • Organising an annual PDA day and biennial conference;
  • Working in partnership with other organisations, providing PDA expertise, in order to improve services;
  • Helping to increase understanding through research.

The PDA Society has a wealth of useful resources for individuals, parents & professionals alike. We have provided some quick links below, but please go to the for more information.

We will be using proceeds from sales of our back pocket pass to donate to the PDA Society. But did you know you can also nominate the PDA Society on Amazon Smile so that you make a donation every time you shop on Amazon at no extra cost to you? Neither did we! So nominate the PDA Society now and give each time you shop!

Resources From The PDA Society

What is PDA?

For more information about autism and PDA, demand avoidance, identifying PDA, diagnosing PDA and the latest research.


An extensive list of books about autism, PDA experiences and stories and support strategies.


Not from the UK? The PDA Society has a list of organisations around the world to support and provide you with further resources where you are.


Academic papers from research institutions developing the evidence base collated by the PDA Society.

Healthcare Professionals

Further information and resources for healthcare professionals working with autism and PDA.


Essential information for all those working in an education setting with PDA individuals, including how PDA may look in school and masking.

Social Care Professionals

Information for Social Care workers and support systems in the community.


The PDA Society offers training courses for parents and carers, educators and for supporting PDA Adults.


If you would like to make a further donation to the PDA Society (and you've already bought our summit pass!) you can find out more here!

PDA Essentials 

Sally Russell OBE is a trustee and chair of the PDA Society. A registered charity in the UK, PDA Society provide training, resources and collate research to advance the support provided for PDA. In this exclusive video, Sally delivers the essentials on PDA.