PDA & Siblings:

Nurturing Beneficial Relationships

Corrina Wood is an Independent Disability Consultant and Trainer. She has worked extensively with families for over 15 years where there are children (and adults) with Autism Spectrum Conditions, including PDA. Her work includes managing a Family Support Service, Assessing Parenting in Autistic Parents, Parenting Courses, she is a licensed facilitator for the Cygnet Programme. Corrina has a Masters in Autism where she focused on parental stress. She has recently completed her training in ADOS2 Assessments.

For details of Corrina’s services and courses we encourage you to take a look at her website here


Who Will Benefit From This Workshop?

This session is targeted towards parents and carers who are struggling with volatile and challenging behaviour, meltdowns, challenges between siblings and struggles within the family dynamics. 

As a parent, Corrina has three girls, all of whom are neurodiverse, and one of whom has a a PDA profile.  She understands, first hand the relationship challenges that can arise at home between a PDA young person and their siblings. Given Corrina’s personal experience and her professional work as a highly experienced trainer within autism and the Cygnet programme, we are delighted to present a trainer so well versed in managing and balancing sibling relationships within the home.

After completing this training workshop the parent or carer should feel like they have the skills and understanding of practical techniques on how to support and build the relationship between their PDA young person and siblings, and to create a more harmonious home. 

Saturday 28th November 2020

3pm GMT

This session will take place online on Saturday 28th November at 3pm GMT with limited places available for just £15. 

It will be hosted by Positive PDA and delivered live, allowing you to post your comments to Corrina as the session proceeds, and will be followed with a question and answer session with Corrina. You will receive a free copy of the webinar to keep after the session. 

If you are unable to attend you may purchase a ticket to receive the recording of the training to watch as many times as required in your own time. Click “buy ticket” below and select recording only and we will deliver the link straight to your inbox.

What Will The Training Include?


Corrina will deliver her workshop which will be followed by a question and answer session.

Specifically, the workshop will include the following training:


It is inevitable, within any family dynamic, that siblings will experience sibling rivalry at some point in their relationship. In the first part of this training session Corrina will run through a situation within a neurotypical family and address what this type of “normal” sibling rivalry looks like. This will highlight the additional and different challenges between a PDA young person and their siblings. 


Now that we understand the specific challenges that you will face in the relationship between your PDA young person and their siblings, Corrina will begin on unpicking this behaviour and teaching parents how to support and build relationships between siblings. You will learn to look beneath the behaviour: Corrina will explain how to see the signs before volatility happens and how to support and build the communication skills.


Corrina will teach parents and carers how they can support and build relationships between siblings. She will show you how to create a way that the siblings can be together and spending time together harmoniously. Corrina will then look at building on this by sharing techniques on how your children can play together. 

Explaining your PDAers needs with their siblings

Communicating with a young person the additional needs of their sibling can be overwhelming and require a great deal of sensitivity. Corrina addresses the challenges, and teaches how you can support all of your children by properly and appropriately explain to siblings about the challenges that your PDA young person faces. 


The live workshop will feature an extended question and answer session after Corrina has delivered his training. As a professional trainer and expert Corrina’s advice is well sought after. You will have the chance to put your specific questions to Corrina. Throughout the live training we encourage you to post any comments that you have in order to seek clarification of any questions that may arise during the session. Where this raises a more in depth discussion it may be addressed during the Q&A. 


As a bonus gift you when you purchase your ticket Corrina is offering a free half hour consultation session and £5 off her hourly rate if parents book one to one sessions thereafter. (Terms & Conditions Apply.)

Once the session is complete you will receive, within 72 hours, access to a recording of the session… so you can go back and review it whenever you like!