An Animation About PDA Masking

Sally is neurodivergent PDA artist and animator.

In January 2017 she began a Facebook Page to showcase her graphic memes depicting her inner experience of PDA.
In her videos, Sally highlights that PDA does not just involve avoiding demands. PDAers also:
  • need to feel in control of their own worlds;
  • are very anxious;
  • feel a need to know what’s going on;
  • are interested in people;
  • can be very charming;
  • may want to hide their difficulties behind a happy “mask”;
  • like fantasy and/or role-play;
  • have vivid imaginations;
  • are impulsive;
  • can have a silly sense of humour;
  • have strong emotions, which can change quickly;
  • may overload easily, and need quiet time to recharge
Sally provides a clear and concise insight into the mind of a PDA individual. Her animations often eliciting a “that’s totally me” response in other PDAers who watch them. Sally’s beautiful vulnerability provides a direct and accurate explanation to neurotypical people on how her PDA mind operates. 

PDA & Masking

To celebrate the first ever PDA Summit Sally has created a new animation all about PDA and masking. As with all her amazing videos this insight into the PDA mind from Sally, explored together with her PDA daughter Millie, identifies traits commonalities and gives a wonderful explanation of how masking can feel to both a PDA child and a PDA adult, and how it can look to the neuro-divergent minds that surround them. You can watch Sally’s work on her YouTube channel below.

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