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Sian Hill is a therapeutic coach, educator and aspiring author who is on a mission to change the way people think about, look at, and respond to domestic abuse, trauma and human behaviour and create a safer, more compassionate world for our children and generations to come.

As a survivor of 3 abusive relationships, suffering early and complex trauma in her childhood, then parenting 3 traumatised children alone, one of whom is autistic, Sian brings unique insights and a deep understanding of human behaviour and the root causes of it, from a combination of her personal and professional experiences working with hundreds of parents of “out-of-the-box” children.

Sian believes that deep understanding holds the key to real lasting change.

Sian provides education, resources and support for both parents and professionals around trauma, domestic abuse, and behaviour. Sian teaches parents what’s really going for them and their children, together with how to tune into and work with the nervous system so they can live, work and parent with more ease and create real lasting change in their lives, in their family, and for their children. Sian also trains professionals in becoming abuse and trauma informed at the deepest level so they can show up for and support their clients in the best possible way.

Sian’s ground-breaking methodology “The 5S effect” is a holistic approach based on deep understanding, compassion and practical solutions, backed by the latest neuroscience and research, and is proven by numerous case studies.

Sian will be holding a Live Q&A Session where you can discuss with her your questions.

You can find more details of the education, resources and support Sian offers on her website.

The Traumatic Experiences Of PDA In A Neurotypical World

All human beings need to feel seen, heard and understood. When people don’t understand someone’s behaviour or experiences, they have a tendency to judge, dismiss, or invalidate them. This is especially true when there are additional barriers to people understanding behaviour. This can be traumatic for the individuals concerned, as well as their family members and people around them, and has a huge impact on development, behaviour and mental, emotional and physical health, especially over time.  

This talk will dive into what trauma really is and the impact it has, why traumatic experiences don’t have to become trauma, and how to create and hold a safe space for someone to express, move through, and integrate traumatic experiences so they don’t have a long term impact.

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