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Steph is mum of two teenage girls; her youngest was diagnosed with autism ten years ago at the age of two. Steph started a blog that day to document the family’s experiences and has continued blogging and sharing PDA Information on social media for over ten years. Over that period she has also been a volunteer on the board of her local Parent Carer Forum, worked for a large Autism & ADHD charity and is now a part of the All Age Autism Partnership Board in her county. She became involved with the PDA Society not long after her daughter’s diagnosis and has run several PDA courses for parent carers, as well as giving training to both parents and professionals on behalf of the PDA Society.

Steph’s blog website,, began with a post on the very day her younger daughter was given her diagnosis of autism. For the following ten years she has  documented various ages and stages in their family life, and in the last few years has tried to provide more informative posts on PDA, based on both personal experiences and the experiences shared with Steph by other families living with PDA.

Parenting Neurotypical And PDA: From Birth To Teenager

Mum of two girls, now aged 15 and 13. Our eldest girl is neurotypical and youngest was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 and a half. I’ll take viewers on a ‘walk’ through our lives, starting with that early diagnosis, and our subsequent ‘lightbulb moment’ when we discovered PDA, on to our experiences in both mainstream and special education – looking at what worked well and successes, as well as what could have been improved on. I’ll also share the differences in parenting which have been needed for our PDA girl compared to our neurotypical girl.

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