Spilling the T On Hidden Demands & Sensory Anxiety:

Exploring The Impact of Sensory Overwhelm

If you joined us for our 2020 Virtual Summit you will already have met Tigger Pritchard, an awesomely neurodiverse consultant, trainer and PDA advocate, who delivered one of the Summit’s most popular webinars. Or, you may know Tigger from his brilliant podcast, The Autism Coffee Shop.

Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Breaker, Overcast Radio Public and Pocket Cast… it’s super easy to add to your podcasts list now!

We are delighted to announce that Tigger is partnering with Positive PDA to provide the first in a three part series of online training sessions, aimed at parents of PDA young people to help understand behaviour.

Tigger’s depth of experience allows him to delve deep below the surface and look at what is really going on in stressful situations. Combine Tigger’s experience with his own awesome neurodiverse mind and he becomes simply brilliant at unpicking a situation to find the crux of the issue and really help the young person. 

After this session we hope that you will have learned how to become a detective within your own home, able to explore, see and understand more of the unseen triggers that are affecting your young person. You will be better equipped to support them and create a calmer home for your whole family. 

A calmer home environment will have a “ripple” effect on the young person, their reduced anxiety at home allowing them to feel calmer in themselves, meaning they may be able to cope better in school, better form relationships with the family in the home, and find everyday life a little bit easier.

What Is This About?

In this session Tigger will take you on a journey to see through the eyes of your PDA young person. As a parent or carer it can often seem that your young person sometimes explodes for no apparent reason. 

Tigger will address the everyday occurrences and stimuli that exist around the home that you may not recognise as being a demand or sensory anxiety. He will highlight these often unnoticed triggers, exploring how they can build demand and anxiety in your young person and enabling you to gain a better understanding of the unseen sensory overwhelm that can build up and lead to volatile outbursts or refusals. 

Tigger has worked with many families, helping parents and carers to understand the hidden aspects that increase sensory overwhelm and anxiety in their PDA young person. He has had much success supporting families to make small adjustments to reduce the demands and anxiety for a more cohesive and calmer environment for everyone. 

In this enlightening training session, Tigger will be bringing a combination of his experiences and successes in these areas to provide you with an insight into your young person’s unseen world and how you can support them in a different way.

Saturday 21st November 2020

3pm GMT

This session will take place online on Saturday 21st November at 3pm GMT with limited places available for just £15. It will be hosted by Positive PDA and delivered live, allowing you to post your comments to Tigger as the session proceeds, and will be followed with a question and answer session with Tigger. You will receive a free copy of the webinar to keep after the session. 

What Will The Training Include?

Spilling the t on hidden demands and sensory anxiety: exploring the impact of sensory overwhelm

Specifically, the session will be broken down into three main elements.

PART 1 - Picking your battles

In the first part of this training session Tigger will draw from the book – Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance – A Guide For Parents, Teachers And Other Professionals by Phil Christie, Margaret Duncan, Ruth Fidler & Zara Healy – to address the basis of looking at what is actually important and what can be let go. Tigger will support you in understanding why your child might be finding that a challenge.

PART 2 - Hidden Sensory Distress

Next, Tigger will then take us on a journey exploring the sensory aspects of the home that you, as the parent or carer, may not be aware are causing anxiety. From noises such as the fridge humming or rain hitting a window, to the over brightness of a light, there are many parts of our homes that can cause sensory distress. Supporting you in understanding how and why these background sensory aspects may be causing distress and anxiety to your young person and discussing what you can do to reduce this.

PART 3 - reframing demands to reduce anxiety

In this final part of the session, Tigger will look at ways to re-word and reframe everyday demands you may need to make of your young person at home. For example, bedtime can often be a stressful experience in a PDA home; asking your young person to go to bed, in their bedroom, at bedtime, is a demand. With it comes anxiety and the familiar struggle. Tigger has worked with many families to resolve these issues, creating an array of solutions such as changing the name of the bedroom to “door to the bed” in order to eliminate the demand, to removing the bed so that the young person was just sleeping on a mattress which resulted in proper sleep.


If you join us for this live training we will be running an extended question and answer session after Tigger has delivered his training. Anyone that knows Tigger will tell you how generous he is with his brilliant advice so this is a fabulous chance to get some in depth answers to your young person’s behaviour in the home as well as seeking clarification of any questions that may arise during the session.


As a bonus gift you when you purchase your ticket you will also receive a bonus 20% discount code for Jessica Kingsley Publishers to use if you would like to order the book Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance – A Guide For Parents, Teachers And Other Professionals by Phil Christie, Margaret Duncan, Ruth Fidler & Zara Healy as referenced by Tigger in this training. (Terms & Conditions Apply.)

Once the session is complete you will receive, within 72 hours, a copy of the session to keep forever… so you can go back and review it whenever you like!