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Hello, My name is Tigger Pritchard, awesomely neurodiverse, and an Autism and Pathological Demand Avoidance, Advocate, Consultant and Trainer.

I’ve over thirty years of working alongside, learning from and advocating for neurodiverse individuals. In many different ways: support worker, advocate, teacher, facilitator, trainer, manager, lecturer and a friend, its been a long journey, one that I’m still traveling and learning on, personally and professionally.

This is all linked to a very personal insight, about a world I’m so passionate about. Raising understanding and acceptance of Neurodiversity. Accepting people for who they are, not trying to fit them into any “Neurotypical box”. ​

I’m using my extensive experience, knowledge and teaching practice to pass on my skills through my training and consultancy work, podcasting and social media.

Educated by some amazing PDAers and their families over my teaching years.

I’m also chair of the National Autistic Society in Cornwall I also designed and supported Cornwall’s first PDA Conference and with the society had set up a support group in the County.

An avid sharer and promoter of information on PDA via my Facebook page, conference attender and speaker. I’m very passionate about the world of PDA, continually learning and growing, and sharing my experience with all areas i can, especially educators.

Initial PDA Advice For Teachers And Educational Assistants

Tigger’s 50 minute webinar looks at initial advice for teachers, for example:
  • why understanding PDA is important in an education setting;
  • involving the whole school;
  • listening to the PDA individual and their family;
  • strategies, approaches and paperwork to support;
  • signposting to other resources.

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Tigger's podcast explores the awesome world of Autism and Neurodiversity. With discussions from a range of individuals, friends, professionals and parents.


For more information about the services Tigger offers visit is colourful website right here.


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